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At 3 E Scholarship, we’re not just a coffee shop. We help people of all walks of life to find a community, secure work opportunities, and propel their careers.

Gain the experience and training you need for your future and build a CV of employers who can vouch for your attitude and work ethic.

Whatever you want to be, kickstart your career with 3 E Scholarship.

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We have a selection of products to help you be well equipped for future opportunities!

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Scholarships for University

No matter your ambitions, we can help.

We offer support for care-leavers, refugees, and people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Our café can provide you with training and a valuable reference to add to your CV. Getting your first job can make all the difference, and give you a chance to prove to future employers that you’re dedicated, dependable, and you come with a seal of recommendation.

We also offer scholarships that give you the extra support you need to gain funding and take the first step into further education.

Launch yourself into the future you aspire to live with encouragement from 3 E Scholarship.

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